We invite you to:

Wander into a dark cave with four French children to discover paintings that are 17,000 years old.

See the walls of the prison where Nelson Mandela was jailed for seventeen years.

Stop at a wall in a Tokyo train station that was painted in memory of a faithful dog.

View the Great Wall of China, which is so big astronauts orbiting the earth can see it.

Visit walls of joy and of sadness, walls built to protect people or to keep them apart.

What readers have said about Talking Walls

"This is an excellent book for children of all ages. These are books that no elementary classroom should be without. “

"This might be the best introduction to social studies that elementary schools can get. It is a colorful, interesting book with young characters who will introduce your students to all kinds of walls and cultures around the world.

“We learn how walls can bring us together or keep us apart. Throw in a little folklore and you've got a fascinating book that is sure to spark a lot of conversation with your kids."

“ Margy Burns Knight presents such complex histories in understandable ways for your children. A wonderful way to start a social studies unit with an item that every child living everywhere can relate to: walls."